We are looking
forward to your inquiry

We are happy to advise you on specific steps
and the procedures for professional and successful implantation.

In order to clarify your individual situation as well as to development the specific procedure, we need following documents for an initial examination:
  • Tone and speech audiometry
  • General examination
  • Medical history including ENT-specific history
  • ENT status
  • Objective hearing examinations (only with children)
  • TEOAE/DPOAE (only for children)
  • BERA (only for children)
  • Neuroradiological diagnostics (high-resolution CT of the petrous bone)
  • High-resolution magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the temporal bone and cerebellopontine angle
  • Surgery release: consultative examination regarding the clarification of risk factors (OP suitability, possibly prognostically relevant comorbidities) obligatory internist release
All of your statements, information and submitted and/or transmitted documents (MRI, CT, etc.) will naturally be treated confidentially and discretely. Please forward your requests (in German and/or English) to our service team at the following address:


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A-5020 Salzburg
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